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  • The 20th International Microscopy Congress
  • September 25-30, 2022 / BEXCO, Busan, Korea

IMC20 Keesam Shin - IMC20 Chair, Im Joo Rhyu - IMC20 Co-Chair

As the representatives of the Organizing Committee of the IMC20 and the KSM, we welcome you all to IMC20.

The congress will be hosted in Busan, one of Korea’s most attractive cities. We hope that you will experience the traditional Korean culture and enjoy the open and friendly atmosphere. We expect that the IMC20 will make your stay in Korea a truly complete cultural and professional experience.

IMC20 will continue its tradition of providing a representative spectrum of up-to-date scientific information on today’s research and applications in the field of microscopy associated with fields of materials/ biological/medical science and technology development. Satellite meetings will be organized as pre-conference events on Sunday (Sept. 25, 2022) highlighting emerging scientific aspects of very recent developments and top-priority research and development requirements.

KSM enjoys the organizational burden and desires to complete the mission of the successful IMC20, in a state-of-art fashion. True effort pays off! Your warm wishes for the IMC20 success will be our energy and momentum! With your support and help, we would like to provide you all with a wonderful and most enjoyable programs for the IMC20.

We are looking forward to receiving your abstracts and warmly welcome old friends, dear colleagues and making new acquaintances in Busan at the IMC20.

With wholehearted welcome,

Keesam Shin
IMC20, Congress Chair

Im Joo Rhyu
IMC20, Congress Co-Chair


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