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Angus Kirkland IFSM


IMC is the Olympics of microscopy; held every four years and attracting delegates from across the
The program will include world-renowned plenary speakers alongside an extensive trade exhibition
where leading suppliers launch groundbreaking new instruments.
It is a particular pleasure to introduce the Korean Society of Microscopy (KSM) as the host for IMC20
which will be held in Korea for the first time.
A tradition of IMC events has been a vibrant social calendar. Delegates will have ample opportunity
to enjoy fabulous Korean food and to explore historical and cultural attractions in the Busan area.
I look forward to warmly welcoming you and your family to Korea in 2023.
Finally at this time, in this dark hour, our thoughts and deepest sympathy are with the people of the
Ukraine and with our Russian colleagues who have spoken out against the war. We hope to see
many of them in Busan following the cessation of hostilities.

Professor Angus Kirkland, University of Oxford, UK
Kazuo Furuya IFSM


In the long history of IFSM, the IMCs have been held for five times in Asia-Pacific region
(3 times in Japan and 2 times in Australia). It is worth to point out that Busan, Korea
was selected for IMC20 in 2018. Although the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19)
from 2020 forced to postpone the IMC20 for one year in 2023, “MICROSCOPY” is
increasing its role in social activities. Based on the fact that microscopy is an
accelerator of science and technology in Korea, “BUSAN” is the ideal location to organize the IMC20.
Furthermore, IFSM was admitted as a full Union member of the International Science Council (ISC)
in Taipei in 2017. The visibilities roles of the IFSM and the IMC are significantly increasing in
on the international communitystage.
All microscopists are invited in the world can to come to Busan in 2023 and enjoy the our dynamic
Korean culture and prosperity as well as the exchange of the scientific informationengaging in
collegial discourses. IFSM is also expecting some preparatory activities at the ICM20 connected
with positive effects from the IMC20 to the centenary of the first electron microscope in 2031.

Dr. Kazuo Furuya, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan


Since 1954, IMC has been held in various locations around the world, offering a venue for presenting cutting-edge research in microscopy. But the IMC20 will not only be a precious opportunity to meet colleagues, it will also be a chance to experience Korean and Asian cultures.

In this time of increased international tension, becoming acquainted with various cultures can ease suspicions and allow us all to move forward. The IMC20 organizing committee would like to encourage all participants to come to Busan to gain new perspectives – for their professional, and also private, interests.

After months of restrictions, we all realize that it is a privilege to travel and to attend an on-site congress. We are working to ensure that you find your participation in the ‘Olympics of Microscopy’ to be an especially rewarding and exciting experience.

We look forward to hosting you.

Keesam Shin

Prof. Keesam Shin

  • IM20 Congress Chair(Changwon National University)
Im Joo Rhyu

Prof. Im Joo Rhyu

  • IM20 Congress Co-Chair(korea University)
Dr. Jae-Pyoung Ahn

Dr. Jae-Pyoung Ahn

  • IMC20 Congress Co-Chair (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
Prof. Miyoung Kim

Prof. Miyoung Kim

  • IMC20 Congress Co-Chair (Seoul National University)


The 20th International Microscopy Congress(IMC20)

Title The 20th International Microscopy Congress(IMC20)
Date September 10-15, 2023
Venue BEXCO Busan, Korea

Korean Society of Microscopy(KSM)

International Federation of Societies for Microscopy(IFSM)

The 20th International Microscopy Congress(IMC20) Secretariat The PlanB Co., Ltd.

IMC20 Committees


  • \ Korean Society of Microscopy (KSM)
  • \ International Federation of Societies for Microscopy (IFSM)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Congress Chair Prof. Keesam Shin
  • Congress Co-Chair Prof. Im Joo Rhyu, Dr. Jae-Pyoung Ahn, Prof. Miyoung Kim
  • Honorary Chair Prof. Chan-Gyeong Park
  • General secretariat Prof. Hoon-Kyu Shin
Scientific Program
  • Prof. Im Joo Rhyu
  • Dr. Dong-Ik Kim
  • Prof. In-Beom Kim
  • Dr. Boklae Cho
  • Prof. Si-Young Choi
Satellite Program
  • Dr. Ji Young Mun
  • Prof. Doo Ri Kim
  • Prof. Yunseok Kim
  • Dr. Ji Young Kim
  • Prof. Jong Min Yuk
  • Dr. Hye Jung Chang
International Cooperation
  • Prof. Jae Bok Seol
  • Prof. Seung-Yong Lee
  • Dr. Hee-Seok Kweon
  • Prof. Nam-Suk Lee
  • Prof. Ki Woo Kim
  • Dr. Ohkyung Kwon
  • Dr. Joo-Hee Kang
  • Dr. Mijung Jeen
  • Dr. Junyeon Hwang
Microscopy Journal Promotion
  • Prof. Zonghoon Lee
  • Prof. Jong-Souk Yeo
Finance & Sponsor
  • Dr. Chi Won Ahn
Accounting / Treasury
  • Dr. Jucheol Park
  • Dr. Kyungeun Lee
KSM Quantum Leap
  • Dr. Jae-Pyoung Ahn
  • Prof. Cheol-Woong Yang
  • Dr. Hee-Seok Kweon
Pioneers in Microscopy
  • Prof. Miyoung Kim
Program development
& management
  • Jihoon Lee