Prof.Richard Henderson

Prof. Richard Henderson

  • MRC Lab, Cambridge
Prof.Frances. M. Ross

Prof. Frances M. Ross

  • MIT
Prof. Konstantin Novoselov

Prof. Konstantin Novoselov

  • National University of Singapore

Program Streams and Symposia Topics

1  Life Science
  • LS-1. Structure and Function of Cells and Organelles
  • LS-2. Live Imaging of Cells, Tissues and Organisms
  • LS-3. Structure of Macromolecules and Supramolecular Assemblies
  • LS-4. Super-Resolution Microscopy in Molecular and Cell Biology
  • LS-5. Cryo-Electron Microscopy in Molecular and Cell Biology
  • LS-6. Cellular Transport and Dynamics
  • LS-7. Immunohistochemistry and Cytochemistry
  • LS-8. Pathology and Biomarkers
  • LS-9. Correlative and Multiplex Microscopy in Biology
  • LS-10. Host-Pathogen Interactions, Microbiology and Virology
  • LS-11. Invertebrate Biology and Taxonomy
  • LS-12. Embryology and Developmental Biology
  • LS-13. Plant Science and Mycology
  • LS-14. Neuroscience
  • LS-15 . Development and Advance of New Microscopy for Biological System
  • LS-16 . Biomedical applications of nanoparticles and bio-safety issues
2  Physical Science
  • PS-1. Nanomaterials
  • PS-2. Carbon-based Materials/2D materials
  • PS-3. Surface and Thin Films
  • PS-4. Metals and Alloys
  • PS-5. Functional Ceramics
  • PS-6. Polymer-based Materials
  • PS-7. Semiconductors
  • PS-8. Phase Transformation and Corrosion
  • PS-9. Magnetic and Ferroelectric Materials
  • PS-10. Geology and Mineralogy
  • PS-11. Organic Chemistry
  • PS-12. Energy Materials
3   Analytical Science
  • IT-1. Electron Optics and Optical Elements
  • IT-2. Machine Learning Assisted Analysis of Microscopic Data
  • IT-3. Methods and Workflows for Correlative Microscopy
  • IT-4. Cryo-TEM Techniques
  • IT-5. In-situ & Environmental Microscopy
  • IT-6. Diffraction and Holography Techniques
  • IT-7. 3-dimensional imaging
  • IT-8. Electron Microscopic Metrology
  • IT-9. SEM and FIB
  • IT-10. Scanning Probe and Surface Microscopy
  • IT-11. Optical Nanoscopy and X-ray Spectroscopy
  • IT-12. Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and Spectral Imaging Technique
  • IT-13. Advances in Atom Probe Tomography
  • IT-14. Time-Resolved Microscopies
  • IT-15. Ptychography
4   Special Symposiums
  • EST-1. Microscopy in Arts
  • EST-2. Battery Symposium
  • EST-3. Semiconductor Symposium
  • EST-4. Photonics Symposium
  • EST-5. Data mining, machine learning, applications of artificial intelligence
  • EST-6. Microscopy in 3D printing

Program at a glance

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Young Scientists Assembly

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Pre-Congress Workshop

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